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First successfully bred in 2012, the Bongo Pastel Ball Python morph is one of the newest ball python morphs. This beauty was created by mating a regular single gene Bongo with a Pastel morph. However, when looking at an adult you may be shocked to learn that Bongo Pastel Ball Pythons are actually purple snakes when they hatch Blue-eyed Lucy (BEL) and coral glows are among the most beautiful ball python morphs, and are largely free from genetic problems. You should avoid snakes with genetic issues, like head wobbles and kinks, such as caramels and spiders Top 50 Ball Python Morphs 1. Spider. The Spider morph entered the market in 1999 as a unique dominating gene. Spider morphs have tan-brown base colors that pale along the spine. The color tends to become pale and specked along the sides of the belly

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Albino Ball Python - The morph that arguably started the ball python morph craze. This morph naturally occurs through the breeding of two normal ball pythons, although that occurrence is quite rare. When it comes to breeding, having an albino as the parent is the best way to come about another albino Ball python morphs come in a huge mix of colors, patterns and markings. On top of this, breeders are creating new morphs and color combinations all the time! What you like best is totally subjective. What is a ball python morph? Put simply, a morph is a mutation. It changes the way a snake looks, without changing the breed Pastels, also known as 'pastel jungles' are the basis of many beautiful designer ball python morphs. This is where other morphs are bred with pastels to produce new and exciting kinds of royal pythons. Pastel ball pythons were originally imported and bred by Kevin McCurley at NERD/New England Reptile Distributors Best Ball Python Morph to breed. No one transforms is the best to raise. It depends on your tastes and your budget. Select a morphology-based on whether you like how they look and if the snake is healthy. A good start would be to choose a male that has two, perhaps up to three morphological genes The Axanthic Ball python is one of the most popular ball python morphs in the market right now. The defining characteristic of axanthics is that they lack the pigment for the either the red, yellow color or even both. What comes out of this color mutation are ball pythons with distinctly black, grey, silver or white colors

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  1. In this video I'll give you my list of the top five ball python morphs on the market today. Enjoy
  2. Bumblebee ball pythons have very beautiful and distinct yellow and black markings, achieved by crossing pastel x spider morphs. There are different varieties/types of bumble bee ball pythons, including Banana bumble bee, Bamboo bumble bee, Specter bumble bee, Mystic, Mota bumble bee ball pythons and many more.This morph specimens might suffer from wobble (due to spider morph gene)
  3. While considered a basic morph, not a designer, the albino ball python is still absolutely stunning, and a classic. They have various degrees of bright whites and stunning yellows. And since they are albino, their eyes are a bright red/pink colour

Albino Ball Python Morph. The Albino Ball Python was one of the first Recessive Ball Python morphs. It was introduced into the reptile hobby in the early 1990's and is largely credited for the popularity of Ball Python morphs today. Albinos are generally yellow in colour with a white background colour and they have very characteristic pink eyes The blue eyed leucistic ball python, also known as the 'Blue Eyed Lucy' is a very rare ball python to come across in the pet trade. This beautiful snake is solid white with piercing blue eyes. Some of the morphs that will normally produce this beauty are Mojaves, Lessers, Butters, Phantoms, and Het Russos bred together Ball pythons are fun looking snakes, but with morphs, they can have mesmerizing styles. You just need to know how to breed ball python morphs. Breeding ball python morphs is simple with a little research. Research the morphs out there, identify morph qualities you want in offspring, and breed the ball pythons with those morph genes Hey Everyone and thanks for watching the Criss Karver Channel!Today, I'm showing you 25 of my all-time favorite ball python morphs in no particular order.The.. Which Ball python morph are you? Adrian. 1. 8. Basic question. What's your favorite color out of this bunch? Note, this quiz only has 5 morphs. Don't expect too much! White. Black. Brown. Yellow. Red! « » Log in or sign up. Show discussion 11.

Leucistic Ball Python Morph: Everything You Should Know. July 23, 2020 by Jeff England. Ball pythons are currently available in a kaleidoscope of color and pattern mutations. And while there are a few different mutations in the latter category, leucistic ball pythons may be the best example Ball python morphs are generally only available from breeders and some may be difficult to find or very expensive. No agency or organization regulates the specific characteristics of the different ball python morphs, but generally, most breeders and enthusiasts use a fairly standard set of characteristics for each morph © Markus Jayne Ball Pythons 12 out of 17. © Markus Jayne Ball Pythons 13 out of 17. © Markus Jayne Ball Pythons 14 out of 1 The stranger ball python is the rarest morph. This was first bred and named in 2012, and these morphs sell for $20,000. Lesser morphs are among the most common morphs and are usually much more affordable. The stranger ball python is a new genetic variation which has the following characteristics Ball pythons are fairly small - in fact, they're the smallest African python species. They tend to max out at 5 feet (1.27m), but can be anywhere in the range of 3-4 ft. Females are generally larger than males, and hatchings are usually 8-12 inches in length. As snakes go, ball pythons are relatively broad and robust, with short tails

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  1. The spider ball python is a highly sought-after snake due to their incredibly beautiful and unique patterns and colors. They are one of the many morphs of the standard ball python. A morph is a genetic mutation that alters a snake's appearance. So, morphs of a snake are the same breed. They just come in all sorts of great designs
  2. Study Flashcards On Ball Python Morphs at Cram.com. Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Cram.com makes it easy to get the grade you want
  3. Because humans often prize novelty, ball python morphs are very popular with many ball python enthusiasts. Science of the Situation: Gene Expression and Patterns of Inheritance As mentioned earlier, the term morph is best reserved for animals that pass on their unusual appearance in a predictable fashion

The ball python (Python regius), also called the royal python, is a python species native to West and Central Africa, where it lives in grasslands and shrublands.It is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List because of its wide distribution. It is threatened by hunting for its meat and for the international pet trade. This nonvenomous constrictor is the smallest of the African pythons. Go From Beginner to Expert in Python With Our Highest Rating Python Course. Join Millions of Learners From Around The World Already Learning On Udemy The 3 Best Ball Python Morphs! With Royal Balls! Predator BP. Loading Beginner Ball Python Morphs Price Range And Advice - Duration: 14:15. Predator BP 11,638 views. 14:15 Ball Python Morph History. October 30, 2013. Dave and Tracy Barker, At this time, there are two accepted types of albino ball pythons. The best known and the first to be bred in captivity is the classic albino that was first bred by Bob Clark. This albino has a normal pattern Learn about ball python morphs for sale including all the rare ball python colors and rare ball python morphs. Ball pythons for sale online are some of the most popular pet snakes for sale online and actually the most popular reptile for sale online as well. Buy ball python for sale here from best ball python breeders

There are dominate co dominate and recessive traits for ball pythons. I think a co dominate trait is the best to start with. . . . . With co dominate if you breed it to a normal each egg that is laid has a %50 chance of being that morph. . . .(pastel to normal breeding = normal and pastel babies). . . Best Pet Snakes; Snake Species; Piebald Ball Python Morph (10 Stunning Pictures + Info) A piebald ball python morph, or a pied ball python, is an incredibly unique looking version of this fan-favorite pet snakes. Ball pythons are one of the most popular pet snakes, largely because of their docile nature Fire Ball Pythons are just one of the few in the Python family, and there are many mixes or morphs that you can choose from. Some of the most popular combos include: • Fire Spider Python - This is a bright yellow snake that is a phenomenal combo because it is so unique looking to the other Ball Pythons Another variation of dominance is what is known as incomplete dominance, which is the case for a number of ball python morphs. With an incomplete dominant allele, an animal that is heterozygous for the allele will have one mutant phenotype, while an animal that is homozygous for that allele will have a different and often more extreme phenotype than observed with the heterozygous phenotype

Every ball python we buy is handpicked for its supreme quality to guarantee strong future offspring. This has allowed us to build a fantastic collection! Personal service. Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us! We are always open to offers and care about our customers! Small scale. We are small scale ball python morphs breeders Ball Pythons. The ball python (Python regius), also known as the royal python, is a python species found in sub-Saharan Africa.Like all other pythons, it is a non-venomous constrictor. This is the smallest of the African pythons and is popular in the pet trade, largely due to its small size and typically docile temperament Ball python morphs are basically ball pythons with different colorations and color patterns. Technically, morphs are not created but rather discovered. The mutations that result in morphs happen randomly. However, once this takes place, the mutation can be passed on to the subsequent offspring Specializing in super rare colors and patterns of captive bred ball pythons. We ship internationally. Guaranteed. Care and handling is our number one priority. Exceptional high quality healthy, beautiful ball pythons. Over 20 years of experience in care and handling. Contact us and order anytime. We offer package incentives and discounts

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Ball pythons in the wild; The ball python market; Ball python spider morph wobble; BDM exclusives. Gizmo; Neo; Our collection. BEL Complex; Cinnamon Complex; Clown; Coral glow/Banana; Desert ghost; Super (Enchi) Fire complex; Leopard; Pastel; Piebald; Pinstripe; Spider complex (Spider/Champagne/HGW) Sugar; Yellow belly; For sale. Proven. Axanthic Ball Pythons are a color morph of the Ball Python. Axanthism is a recessive color mutation that reduces the number of yellow pigment-producing cells in a snake. Pure Axanthic snakes look very similar to a common Ball Python but are just black, white and gray. The first axanthic morph was bred in 1997 Piebalds or Pieds are the most visually amazing ball python morphs. This was our first morph project, and was what inspired the addition of our ball python projects. This is a great morph, and has made many beautiful combination morphs. Pieds will always be popular, and have maintianed thier value very well Top 10 Ball Python Rookie Mistakes. Not sticking with a plan / being impatient - One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given is to breed the snakes you have. Just breed them. Its tempting to jump into every cool thing or to switch gears completely to chase the hottest morph trend,.

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  1. Ball Pythons; BP Morphs & Genetics; Is This A Morph? / What Morph Is This? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed
  2. Click Link To Watch: How To Set Up A Baby Ball Python Enclosure For Under $100 Ball pythons for sale (Python regius) at BHB Reptiles! Baby Ball Pythons for sale (Python regius) with a ton of ball pythons and Ball python morphs available. We take pride in our quality ball pythons morphs and amazing customer service.
  3. The best way to set up a new ball python is to replicate how it was housed at the breeder's. However, most people that are keeping an individual, or perhaps several ball pythons, prefer to house them in larger display cages in a naturalistic setup
  4. History Of The Ivory Ball Python. For such an interesting ball python, the Ivory morph doesn't have a very extensive history! It was first proven back in 2003 by the Sutherland family of TSK, inc. As soon as this morph was made known, it was admired for its very unique style
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Royal Ball Python, Blue Eyed Leucistic mutation, pet. The Blue Eyed Leucistic ball python is an incredible looking snake. Often called a BEL python, this snake is completely pale/white. It has crisp blue eyes and a very unique combination of genes from several different snakes. So, what is a BEL ball python? A BEL python is a morph Also, I will consult you on making sure the animal you select is the best choice for you. I have a wide array of ball python morphs for sale. So, I look forward to working with you and please feel free to contact me anytime! Garrick 715.845.5545. Pastel Morph. Cornerstone Morph Due to the enormous size of this page, I have moved the Morph Guide to it's own URL! Click below to find the new & improved Ball Python Morph Guide : Jun 5, 2020 - Explore jackalwang7's board Ball Python on Pinterest. See more ideas about Ball python, Python, Ball python morphs

In the wild, adult ball pythons eat only an average of 10x/year, and even snakes in the most naturalistic enclosures with the best care will still fast, usually during cooler times of the year. Young adult females around 1000g are particularly notorious for this — a phenomenon called the Wall Ball pythons are very popular as pets. Much of this popularity is due to the amazing number of color mutations. There are now over 3000 different, distinctive color and pattern combinations that have been created by selective breeding most commonly known as morphs BALL PYTHONS (Python regius) Ball pythons often serve as an introductory python. They are readily available, grow to a good size without being overwhelming, and generally have good dispositions. This is the upside to ball pythons. The downside is they arrive in this country in two conditions; great shape or horrible shape

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  1. Your ball python enclosure will also need a suitable substrate. Newspaper, aspen shavings, orchid bark and cypress mulch are among the best options. Your ball python will require at least one hiding container. In fact, it is a good practice to provide your pet with several hiding containers, including one that contains dam
  2. A bumble bee ball python is a unique coloration of python, known as a designer, morph, or combo morph, directly descended from the Python regius species known to inhabit Africa. Specifically, the bumble bee ball python is produced through a cross between a pastel ball python and a spider ball python , two of the more common designer ball python morphs available in the exotic pets trade
  3. Of course, some corn snake morphs are much more popular than others, with an excellent example being the Palmetto morph that leaves the corn snake with white scales as well as pleasing patterns of spots. It is possible for interested individuals to buy such corn snakes, which can fetch prices as high as $4,000. Striped Ball Python
  4. antly discussion-based subreddit with a focus on raising husbandry standards. Photos and videos are also encouraged, so show off your ball pythons
  5. Layman's Crash Course in Ball Python Genetics This explanation is not meant to be taken as a scientific study or anything like that. It is written from a layman's point of view in order to offer a basic understanding of how genetics work in Ball Python breeding and the various genetic terms as they are commonly used in the BP community
  6. The morphs (genetic mutations) of ball python snakes are evolving all the time, producing some of the wildest color combinations and patterns of ball pythons imaginable. We hope you will enjoy your ball python as much as we enjoy raising our ball pythons and we are always happy to provide information on our ball pythons to our customers before and after the sale

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Ball Python Morphs. 9.270 vind-ik-leuks · 52 personen praten hierover. MightyMorphs is a designer ball python breeder. You can follow us on our website.. While the best ball python morphs are the most colorful and unique, breeding genetically unhealthy snakes. 2003 Photo: N. Regular price $325. So what are ball python morphs? A morph is a genetic mutation that alters the appearance of the snake though it remains the same breed What Ball Python morphs hold their value the best? - Jim in Philly My general rules of thumb are this: 1. How awesome is the morph? The cooler the better. 2. How common is the morph? Less supply = higher value 3. Is it easily reproduced? If its hard to make, there will be less supply to meet the Prices for morphs can go well over $30,000, and no breeder will have every morph, so if you're looking for a specific type, keep this in mind. Unless you are looking for a ball python morph that is quite common, like the pastel morph, it is likely that you will not be able to choose the temperament of the snake I often see threads or receive messages asking with what ball python genes a beginner should choose. In forums, the most common answer given to this question is to simply choose the genes you enjoy and work with those. The reasoning typically given with this answer is that no matter what happens, you will produce sna

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Enclosing Multiple Pythons. You can read all the guide and information that you can find about ball python morphs and you will probably get mixed answers along with mixed reviews, but the real truth of the matter is that pythons need to be kept alone. That being said, there are some people out there that have successfully reared two pythons in the same cage, but this is really a rare case Best Light for Ball Pythons. Best Worms for Bearded Dragons. They make good pets since they are commonly small in size, easy to care of, shy, friendly and comes with a remarkable array of colors and patterns. If you are taking care of or wish to own a ball python. Aside caring for food, health, you'll need to have the best ball python. The Spider morph has been doing great in the ball python world since 1999 and is considered a staple morph by most hobbyists for any collection. Now I will also share a theory based a some limited animals I have interacted with. I don't believe the wobble is going to be seperated from these morphs An exclusive breeder of high quality reptiles with a dedicated staff that enjoys the love of animals. Ball Pythons, Pythons, Boas, Water Monitors, Lizards, many rare and unique species. We have been breeding reptiles over 25 + years and pride ourselves on our unique and proven methods such as reptile socialization 49.3k members in the ballpython community. Python Regius. Royal Python. Ball Python. We love them by any name

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The striped ball python is one of the rarest snakes in the world. Bob Clark, one of the most prodigious snake breeders, is perhaps best known for raising these snakes. The ball python is a great pet snake as it is relatively mild-mannered. The reason the striped ball python is worth so much money is because of its special breeding Morphs account for the different patterns and colors that are found within the Ball Pythons species. When a Ball Python is shedding, it's best to let it be and not try to pick it up and hold it. Shedding also takes a lot of humidity to make sure everything goes smoothly Our goal is to provide our customers with the best example of Ball python morphs we can. We work hard to selectively breed for the most desirable traits in any given animal. This means that there is no guess work when it comes to whether your animal is a great example of the morph BALL_PYTHONS. Ball Pythons are my most favorite snake to keep and breed.....the ball python industry has EXPLODED in the past several years an it's all because of the hype and excitement of seeing or producing the next New Morph

Our ball python collection has been growing faster then we could have ever imagined but the huge number of morphs and combinations possible makes our wish list endless. It's a great feeling to finally get most of the collection listed on our website as it has grown to over 60 different morphs Morph pythons, especially the banana ball pythons are more susceptible to shedding problems, no wonder dead skin shedding in python morphs are very common in all types of snakes. Under normal circumstances, snakes shed off their skin as they grow, and it is also normal for snakes to shed off the old coat and replace it with the most beautiful coat the ultimate ball python: morph maker guide by kevin the real 'must-have' ball python morph guide weighing in at over 2.5kg! hard cover with full color dust jacket the ultimate ball python: morph maker guide features over 770 pages and 1,200 color photos of the most unique and eye-popping ball python morphs on the market today Banana ball pythons are what is known as a base morph, which means they are naturally occurring. But they are far from the only morph. Ball Python Morphs. There are hundreds of different types of ball python morphs, in a wide variety of color mutations, and breeders love creating and discovering new ones and sharing them with other snake lovers One of the best parts about the Albino Ball python is the fact that they are very inexpensive animals to purchase, no matter the circumstance; Albino Ball pythons' morphs are becoming more popular as the breed expands. Some of the most popular Albino Ball pythons' morphs include the

Ball Python Morph: Buttered Rum, Sex: Female, Maturity: Subadult, Birth: February 2017, Weight: 590g, Prey: Live Rat, Price: $500, Seller: Vesper Ball Pythons, Last Updated: 03/13/19, ID: #P16094F. Cute Baby Animals Animals And Pets Funny Animals Cute Reptiles Reptiles And Amphibians Baby Chameleon Karma Chameleon Beautiful Creatures Animals Beautifu If you want to buy a ball python with a specific color morph or patterning, your best bet is to contact a reputable breeder and buy directly from them. Ball Python Care Level Because of their relatively small size and docile nature, ball pythons are one of the best types of snake for beginners and intermediate keepers RINGER_BALL_PYTHON: Scientific Name: Python regius Common Name: Ball Python Morph: Ringer Genetics: Unknown - I have produced hets Don't ask me.....I've been buying up all the nice ones that are females that I can find

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Ball Python Morphs. By 22emma.hughis | Updated: April 30, 2020, 12:20 a.m. Loading... Slideshow Movie. Sign up for free. SHARE THE AWESOMENESS. By Emma Hughis . Personal / Social / Fun. _abc cc embed * Powtoon is not liable for any 3rd party content used Ball Python cage size is key for a happy and healthy snake. Ideally, you can get the proper size Ball Python terrarium right from the get go. Although it's best to get a cage that will last in the long run — you can get a smaller Ball Python Cage to start and scale up later GRAB BAG CONTEST CHOOSE A BAG ANDGET ONE OF THREE GO TO BAGS! NEW ARRIVALS! WELCOME TO DYNASTY REPTILES Here at Dynasty Reptiles we specialize in Ball Python morphs. In addition to the Ball Pythons, we produce a variety of reptiles such as Burmese, Woma Pythons, Blue Tegus and Colombian Boas. Our main goal at Best Price Ball Pythons For Sale Read More

Welcome to r/ballpython, a community for ball python enthusiasts of all experience levels, from the prospective first-time owner to the veteran keeper.This is a predominantly discussion-based subreddit with a focus on raising husbandry standards. Photos and videos are also encouraged, so show off your ball pythons Baby ball pythons albino male $200 pastel female sold Super pastel female $200 Leopard male $100 Morph Ball Pythons - pets try the craigslist app » Android iO Ball Python Morphs . View: Grid; List; Sort by. Showing 1 - 28 of 28 items. Quick View. Albino Ball Python - High Contrast (Babies) Albino Ball Pythons - High Contrast (Python regius) $275.00 . View Options. Quick View. Albino Ball Pythons (Babies) Albino Ball Pythons (Python regius) $249.00 . View Options. Quick. Even though ball pythons prefer to live in burrows, they sometimes come out in the sun to bask. Thus, it is essential to provide the basking spot for your ball python. The best temperature for the basking surface should range from 95 0 F-104 0 F. The basking spot for ball pythons is important for helping them to warm their bodies

Large selection of gorgeous Ball Pythons, Baby Ball Pythons and Ball Python Morphs, all produced with years of ball python breeding experience. Captive bred Ball Pythons for sale at NERD are excellent snakes for beginners and experienced alike as well as breeders. Buy a ball python from us. The hottest thing in the reptile world right now are Ball Python morphs.We breed many of the ball pythons for sale here.Snakes at Sunset is at the leading edge of new and exciting ball python morphs.The ball pythons for sale are guaranteed eating , and sexed correctly. There are thousands of combinations of ball python morphs for sale The best advice we can give is do your research and see how multiple breeders successfully breed ball pythons and find a method that works for you. The following is what works for us. If you do something slightly different, that doesn't necessarily mean that you are wrong Ball pythons reach sexual maturity in 3-5 years and have a 15-30 year lifespan in captivity. They are known for their incredible genetic diversity; part of their current popularity is due to a fad for producing morphs: variations in color and pattern. Many experienced hobbyists take on ball python breeding as a study in snake genetics

️ Morph Passion Mutation Creation. See more of AP-Ball Python on Faceboo Best Ball Python Breeders The most popular reptile that is being breeded in the United States today, is the Ball Python. The Ball Python has gained this spot of top dog because of the beautiful patterns that can be produced by mating different sub-species of Ball Pythons, and creating new incredible and beautiful patterns

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Male Champagne 100% het pied 100% het ghost. I'd say he's around 300g to 380g range new scale coming in this week if need accurate weight . Great temper eats frozen thawed lg mice rehome fee is firm.. Morph Endorphins produces high quality Canadian captive bred Ball Pythons. Check them out in our available ball python section Q: How often should I feed my Ball Python? A: For the first two-three years (18-36 inches), I would suggest an appropriate size meal every 7-10 days. My adult males eat good sized meals about every 3 weeks, adult (breeding) females every 2-3 weeks. (Feeding) Q: What's the best substrate for my Ball Python. A: AVOID cedar at all costs GREAT DEAL Saving you time and $$$ Two big snake enclosures fully set up the same size, i have them stacked. One has a female ball python 2-4yrs old. One has male ball python 1-2yrs old. Female is like 2-3ft long and mall is 1-2ft long. Female is part pastel but has classic morph and colours with the yellow being very pale like pastel So I've decided I may try my hand at breeding in the future and asked other hobbyists what resources were best for identifying and learning about the different ball python morphs (colors) currently available. Hands down, the answer was Kevin McCurley's The Ultimate Ball Python: Morph Maker Guide. If you look, the book is a bit expensive

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However, ball python pricing depends on the rarity of its morph. The cheapest price for ball pythons would be at $25, if you're lucky. But common ball python morphs are priced at $50 and the rarer the morph, the more expensive it becomes. On the other hand, XYZ Reptiles in Florida sells theirs at $39 to $199 Neurological dysfunction in a ball python (Python regius) colour morph and implications for welfare. Author links open overlay panel Mark P. Rose BSc, MSc, CBiol, MSB a David L. Williams MA, VetMD, PhD, CertVOphthal, CertWEL, FHEA, FSB, FRCVS b. Show more. Share. Cite Quickly find the best offers for Ball pythons for sale UK on NewsNow Classifieds. We collected up to 83 ads from hundreds of classified sites for you

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Ball pythons make great pet snakes for both beginner snake enthusiasts and more experienced owners who enjoy the varying color morphs. But a common concern among ball python owners everywhere is getting their pet snake to eat regularly Have a few male combo morphs left. Super pastel mojave enchi, pastel enchi lesser, and a black pewter mojave. All hatched out the end of September or beginning of October. All eating f/t rat pups Ball Python Morphs.co.za January 3 at 6:59 AM Future building blocks for some insane Desert Ghost combos, this is a Black Pastel Yellow belly Leopard double het Desert ghost/Pied Dec 3, 2012 - Snakes and More Snakes: Axanthic Killer Bee Ball Python Phot Ball Python Care Sheet Below you will find a wealth of ball python care information provided by our biologist. These are examples based on a litter of 4 eggs. it is unfortunately common for first-time ball python owners to buy. It has pictures and an easy-use index. Some say that the Spider Ball Python morph tends to have 'wobble'

Best Pet Snakes for BeginnersMorph Snapshot – Firefly GHI & Superfly GHI | The BallNorthwest Reptiles - Black Pastel Ball Python Description
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